Doze of emotions and adrenaline!
- Any age is allowed
- Fantastic photosession
- Tank driving skills after one trip

Get on tank and push the gas!

Just imagine: you take the driver's seat of the real battle tank, push the gas and go making laps through the rugged terrain.

Then just watch how the tank crushes trees on it's way and feel the real power.
We have different tank riding and driving tours.
Price varies depending of the number of people in your group. 

Choose an option below and book now to get the best offer!

    • Extreme BTR tank driving on the off-road, on the special tank range and in the forest
    • Shooting tour (optional)
    • Tour duration: 3 hours
    • Low price for the group from 3 pax
    • Best choice!

Price — from 199 € per person

    • Exclusive MTLB tracked tank 
    • Riding, driving and drifting!
    • Car crash (optional)
    • Shooting tour (optional)
    • Tour duration: 4 hours
    • Low price for the group from 3 pax
    • Highly recommended!

Price — from 259 € per person

    • Legendary T-34 tank driving on extreme tank range
    • Fully renovated model 
    • Shooting tour (optional)
    • Tour duration: 3 hours
    • Low price for the group from 3 pax
    • You will remember this day for all your life!

Price — from 549 € per person

The cost depends of the people's amount.
Send request and get your personal price.

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